Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Apr 4

Do you supplement your ultramarathon training with crosstraining? David Roche breaks it all down here. I’ve done a lot of crosstraining…from swimming, weights, spinning, long distance hiking, cycling, etc.  It’s tough impossible to break it all down, but inline skating kept me the strongest and improved my cardio like no other sport. (Reminder to myself to fix my wheels!)

Sam Robinson has a great (written) interview with Barkley loser John Burton. We interviewed John about his Hardrock run right here.

Powerful essay about a runner and her undiagnosed medical conditions that causes myriad bizarre symptoms. Any healthcare folks have any ideas?

I’m sure these sunglasses designed by Kilian are reasonably priced.

There’s nothing quite like an ultramarathon. (Especially when you’ve got 8 kids!)

Remember all those bananas that Zach Miller used to eat. Seems there was something to that.

It’s a bummer that I have to look at Rupp’s recent insane workout with my eyebrows arched so dramatically. 

New episode dropping today. Stay tuned.

Short news day…what did I miss?


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