Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 6

Ultramarathon News

David Roche tackles a big question: What kind of mileage should you be running to succeed in this sport?  How about to finish? To perform optimally? Info for runners from 5ks to ultramarathon distance.

Interesting: This statistician/S&R guy uses numbers to find lost hikers.

Aaron Summerhays rocking the old school Montrail jersey at AR50.

Ryan got his arse handed to him at Gorge, but he’s OK with it.  He still finished with his wife.

Candice has had enough of social media and ambassadorks and makes a change in her life.  Love it.

Small race organizers are struggling with detecting dopers.  I’m still hoping that MUT events post clear doping rules on their websites…just tell us what your standards are. Like Lake Sonoma does.

All about running in Iceland.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout is a great read again.

Running blogger lady gives away her Boston Marathon bib to a friend. Gets caught, gets defensive puts out incomplete mea culpa.  (Forgot to mention she used her friend’s time to qualify for this year’s race.)  

Saw three (well, saw one, heard two) rattlers on my 12 mile run yesterday around Lake Natoma, and it got me thinking.  Seeing snakes makes the run feel about half the distance physically, but three times the distance mentally.  Same for you?

I see the pendulum starting to swing: The lost art of the fat ass.

“It’s like being with nature but also working against nature,” said Ahern, “… At this point in my life, all I care about is experiences. I don’t care about stuff. I like having nice bikes, but all they are is tools to get me out there.”

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