Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Apr 7

Treeline Journal: Chase writes up a preview of the stout field lining up this weekend at the Peterson Ridge Rumble in southern Oregon. For the fifty miler, the men’s ultramarathon field will be exciting (Stern, Diboun, Kaiser, Hornig, and all eyes on Hal!), but for the forty (36?) miler, the women’s field gets the nod for its depth with Mattox, Moreno and Mayfield leading the charge. Those three women should provide a ton of excitement. I’d put a few bucks on Dani Moreno, but it could go any way.

Speaking of stout fields, have you seen the lineup for Canyons 100k in a few weeks? Damn!

Food TV with Allie O.

Want to know more about the Spartan Trail World Championship Series? Matt B Davis from OCR chats with Mauri Pagliacci about what it’ll look like this year.

There’s something about climbing that distills all cause and effect. The mountains don’t accept excuses, and don’t care who you blame for your choices and actions. And the less energy we waste in our own minds pointing fingers, the more energy we have to move powerfully in the direction we want to go-and the same thing goes in our daily lives.

–From Learning Accountability from Mountains on AdventureJournal.

Update from Monday: Kenyan Olympic athletes will continue training in a Covid bubble.

How the trail running boom is effecting the shoe business.

IRF/Liza: A gallery of photos dedicated to a group of runners underrepresented in media: Old folks.

A sixth grade girl walked onto practice yesterday (first timer) and totally dominated the hill repeats. She hasn’t run all year and has only been to dance class twice a week. My mind was blown.

Wednesday funny I can relate to…with a Say Anything reference.

TrailSister Deserae writes about weighing the risks in trail running with those in every day life…and how fulfilling those risks can be.

Nature Mag: Data scientists are predicting sports injuries using an AI algorithm.

It’s National Beer Day. Drink accordingly.

Site news: I deactivated my Facebook account and the URP page has been mothballed because of it.

Personal: Two races on the calendar now. Added Cal Int’l Marathon yesterday. Sunny’s running Broken Arrow VK and 11k. Looking for a trail race for me now.

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