Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Apr 8

Ultramarathons are a tricky thing: Even if you prepare, train, and stick to your plan on race day, sometimes they don’t work out.  Here’s Ashby’s report from Graveyard 100.

Eight misleading, unscientific, or BS food labels. I’ve been guilty of looking for some of those words in the past.

I released this podcast with Kaci Lickteig and Max King yesterday.  Another one dropping later this morning with two “average Joe” runners.

Kyle Dietz: Ex-MMA fighter, bearded, tatted, and training for The Rut 50k.  Sounds like I should probably get him on the show.

Eight trail running “internet entrepreneurs” including yours truly. Cool! Alright, where’s my Lamborghini?

NUC: I want this treehouse tent thingamajig.

Race day nutrition and carb intake. I tend not to focus on those details as much as I probably should. You?

Live from Torin at 7am PST this Saturday: World 24hour championships. Here’s the entrants list.

Will men race women at the next Olympics? It’s confusing.

What types of maps do you use in the back country? Topos, digital, or do you just grab one of those “area trail guides” at the Ranger station and hope for the best?

Really good stuff: Six experts talk about running form…whether to change it or not, what’s “right”, how to increase efficiency, etc.

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