Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, April 12

Science: Ultramarathon runners may feel less pain than the general population.

Cory’s report from Zion 100 told in conjunction with his introduction to Twitter hashtags.

Date-ish set for Nike sub2 project.

Matt Flaherty chats with Barkley finisher John Kelly.  And here’s John’s personal recap from the event.

Five tips for trail running with anxiety and depression.

Lots of ways to tie your running shoes: An infographic.

ultramarathon lacing

Class action suit against FitBit claims wild inaccuracies in measurements.

Jade reviews the Nathan VaporHowe pack and loves how it fits women’s frames.

Here’s a quick interview with my mom after her AG win at Carlsbad 5000. Friends, travel, running, beer…Apple didn’t fall very far from the tree, did it?

I tried Lagunitas’ Aunt Sally brew last night and was severely disappointed.  The beer tasted like something went wrong during fermentation, so they just slapped a “sour” label on it and called it a day.  Very disappointing for a brewery I generally like a lot.

From PT Joe: Ankle and foot mobility for trail and ultramarathon runners.

An hour of running may add seven hours to your life.  By that math, I’m going to live until I’m 213.

Well this trail running relay in Colorado looks like fun.  Ooh, there’s a beer component too? I’m in.

I reviewed the NightRunner 270 shoe lights here a year and a half ago.  Updates are afoot (see what I did there?), and they’re awfully close to meeting the KickStarter goal.

No Ultramarathon Content: Ack! This “death planks” hike in China looks like quite an adventure. Anyone been on it?

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