Ultramarathon Daily News | Thurs, April 18

WTF: Indian ultrarunners stop for a vegetarian meal (in India), ask for the bill, and are beat up by the waitstaff.

Science: Too much red meat leads to earlier death, but we don’t know how much is too much.

Canada: First Canadian male at Boston was, of course, a trail runner.

Pic by Skip Brand

Great shot of the “Golden Girls” after Lake Sonoma, and props to the photographer (RD Skip Brand) who captured it. I hesitate to break people down by groups, but with all the talk about inclusion and (lack of) diversity in the sport, it’s worth noting. First, I’d bet most MUT fans could tell you the top three women finishers, but could not name the top men. Next, check out those three ladies…YiOu is Chinese-American and Addie is a married lesbian. Seems that diversity crept in and no one noticed…very cool.

UTMB: Something changed with entries and qualifications and stones. Too complicated for me. My overly simplistic idea: Gimme a qualifying race and a signup sheet and let’s get boogyin’.

Doping: Drug testing technology stuck in the 70s.

Canadian Trail Running: Power lifting to help your trail running.

Geez: Triathletes have gone so agro that their governing body has created an abuse and harassment policy.

Short news day. Heading to the DMV for the ultimate endurance test…

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