Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, April 18

More blood volume, better recovery and results. Fair to compare it to putting 92 octane in your car? David Roche writes about how to improve your trail/ultramarathon performances.

Craft beer in a box? Makes sense to me. We used to a get a 1 gallon bladder of beer from the now-closed Rubicon Brewery that was great for kayaking and camping.

Jim’s Strava data from Sonoma.

What’s the secret to beating East Africans? Rain.

The more women we reach, the deeper the female field gets, and the bigger the payout. More importantly, the more women and girls who are empowered, inspired and encouraged by other women, the more meaningful and fulfilling our sport will be.

–The support shown to each other by the American women at Boston has been awesome and a harbinger for success. Here’s a great post by Cat Bradley about how that type of support–and not cattiness–will help everyone succeed.

Another great example of how competitors can still help each other out: Kaci and Stephanie‘s teamwork at Western States 2017.

Did you know that Alan Turing ran a 2:46 marathon?

If you listened to the Rob Goyen interview and wondered how his rowing is coming…Follow along on his sh*t show adventure here. 

Aliza Lapierre‘s report from the Georgia Death Race

Ad: Check out these North Face Endurance Events taking place around the country. Use URP20 for a 20% discount at the MA and WI events.

I just ran for 4 hours, I can eat a pizza, drink a coupla 22s, and finish it up with 4 pudding pops, right? Wrong. You can’t outrun a bad diet.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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