Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, April 19

I really like seeing guys like Scotty Trummer excel in our sport (only racing ultras for one year???), but really dig it when ageless phenoms like Rich Hanna get some well-deserved press too.  I see him running nearly every day around town: He’s consistent with his training, always has a smile, and doesn’t let age get in the way.  Article details how two different runners approach training and racing an ultramarathon.

Getting carried across the finish line? This duo gets a pass.

Tips for trail running with confidence. Start with taking your shirt off and having fun.

Has anyone else signed up for Trail Heads Escape running camp? Looking forward to some good times in Michigan Bluff.

This looks like a really interesting study and I’d like to read more.  Based on interviews and tracking data, how much do friends influence each other’s pace and workouts? 

Speaking of tracking apps, the new Strava update features running club events. Cool.

My mom used to just say “Get out of here! Go outside and play!” and that was easy for me.  For those who need more specifics on fostering the love of the outdoors, here’s a list.

ultramarathon sunny
Beach running with kids is great until they want to stop so they can get a picture with a dead fish.

Say hi to URP’s newest sponsor Camelbak.  They’ve got some killer gear for the trails and plenty of innovative new bottles and packs. Check out the Summer 17 lineup right here.

So what do you do when you’re on an epic mountain ultramarathon trek and your ring finger swells up to the point it’s cutting off blood flow? All you’ve got is a pair of toenail clippers and a few rocks.  Ras and Kathy tell more here.

Bonehead PR move by Adidas, but it seems an honest mistake and they apologized.  

Whoa: Some of Ueli Steck’s mountaineering exploits being called into question.

“I strained this muscle….I tore this tendon” are stories we’ve all heard, but what do really know about the anatomy of a muscle tear or strain? It’s all right here.

26.2 funny signs from Boston.  Some old ones, but some are pretty funny.

I haven’t been to any marathon majors, but is free food around town a normal thing? 

Eight simple tips to live longer and happier.

This too: Device-free time as important as work life balance.  Absolutely.

With all the anonymous (and sometimes mean spirited) twitter handles right now, I look back to the days of the What Is Ultra tumblr page.  Still don’t know who was behind it.  Anyone?

A bit of commentary: Stephanie Howe tweeted last night that she was disappointed to learn that an unnamed idol of hers had used EPO.  She didn’t mention who she was referring to, but nearly every single person mentioned/guessed was affiliated with NIKE.  That’s not good.  The company has a major PR problem when they–and they alone–are immediately associated with drugs and cheating.  

  • What would you do if you were tasked with cleaning up the company’s image?  
  • If you were a road or track runner and were approached by NIKE, would you sign with them and risk your reputation?
  • Did the MUT scene’s near-universal condemnation of PEDs assist in the company backing away from the trail scene?


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