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Watch this: Cool video recap of group texts from Comrades.

When does your workout regimen become an addiction? I know people who’d qualify for this problem and it seems a tough cycle to get out of.

…because if you slow down on your workouts for just a few weeks, you’ll be out of shape, right?

Trail running in Nebraska? Hey, it’s got more vert than we’ve got in Sacramento!

Bros + Beer + yoga = Broga.

Somehow Jean manages to balance a demanding tech job, a family, training for anything from a 5k to 50 mile ultramarathon, meticulous race reports (often written the day of the race), and now he also weaves copious amounts of ultramarathon history into this latest post.

Hiking or running the 67 mile Backbone Trail in southern CA and can’t get a campsite? It’s LA…get an airbnb!

Oy vey. When expensive coolers, online hysteria and guns collide.

The Angry Jogger may have inadvertently killed a woman with a fox while out on a run. Of course.

This woman busted her hip at mile 8 (or 22?) of the London Marathon, but continued to the finish line on crutches.

Read this: Gabrielle writes about how to capitalize on the mental toughness required to excel at ultramarathon distance events.

In other words, there’s still a shiat ton of dried meat and 10,000 cases of Grolsch still missing in Montreal. I know Quebec has a vibrant trail running scene…coincidence?

Hmph. Looks like my dreams of running on volcanoes and thru jungles this summer may be in jeopardy.

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