Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, April 5

Excellent: Mario’s training and tips for Boston Marathon (or any other race for that matter.)  See what kind of effort and planning it takes?

Kara Goucher: Life as an anti-doping whistle blower.

While the internet was blowing up last night, I was on a run with these two crazy 7 year olds. Too bad they weren’t having fun.

Gary’s report from the last few laps of Barkley.  Class act.

After Gary’s run last year, Tanya Gallagher wrote this song about the event and it’s now more poignant than ever.  Be sure to read the lyrics.

And another take on Gary’s run.

(And yes, I’ll be interviewing John Kelly soon.)  🙂

USATF 100k Road Championship preview: Nagy, Boller, Ricklefs, Pommier, and more. 

No ultramarathon content: Be chill…like a mouse.

Rim to Rim to Rim: A detailed adventure.

That first paragraph is important: The long run should be a long run, not a 6 hour jaunt filled with hiking and selfies.

This wacky sport is made up of all sorts of people. Meet Doc Meyer, a guy living in Sierra Leone just trying to get his runs in.

Doc mentions the MCM, and it just so happens the race is organizing a new event where the goal will be to log the most mileage in 100 minutes.  How far could you make it in just over an hour and a half?

Four important keys to staying positive while training and racing.

Gotta cut this short folks. I interviewed Dave Mackey last night and we spoke about life with one leg, his future on the trails, and yes, that tweet.  I’ll release it today.


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