Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 1

How many ultramarathon runners use PEDs? According to this sciencey-looking study, it’s about 10%. Lots to noodle through here though…Just because something is a PED doesn’t mean it’s a banned substance. Caffeine is a stimulant and a PED, but it’s certainly not banned, so could that be what participants are referring to?

This ultrarunning dentist from Belgium–who’s already got an FKT for the PCT–is taking a crack at the AT

A follow up to one Amelia Boone’s tweets that I related to: Why can we run mountain trails, but a few flights of stairs leaves us breathless?

Ben spent last week scouring the booths at OR and picking the brains of reps and designers. Here are his sneek previews from some of your favorite brands: HOKA | Altra| Nike.

It takes a trail runner to hurdle a cop’s motorcycle while running uphill (and leading the race) at the San Francisco Marathon. Nice work Jorge! Raw footage right this way.

Some asshat is issuing fake climbing permits on Everest.

From his blog (below): “Matty Putting in Big Mountain Miles w/me Photo: CJ Dhaliwal”

–Michael has worked his way up from a Badwater fanboy…to crew member…to first timer…to hairy veteran. Here’s his latest race report from the hottest damn race in the world.

Liza leads a game of “are you going to die of altitude illness” with some good pointers for staying safe up high.

Ever thought about how a weighted vest would affect your ultramarathon training? Answers right here.

While Uncle Larry supports “drop downs” from an RD’s perspective, I don’t think they do runners any favors. If you sign up for a 100M, run the 100M or take a DNF. Same for any distance. Dropdowns give runners–generally in a diminished mental state–an easy out that many regret later and isn’t fair to other competitors. What do you think?

Site news: I’ve lined up a crack team of runner who’ll be compiling the URP Daily News next week while I’m out. It’s a mix of men and women from around the country: physicians, writers, and even a “pseudo educator.” 

A TDF rider crashed on the first day, busted his shoulder and got stitches in his face.  He then set the record for winning the Lanterne Rouge for every single day of the race, finishing with a smile on his face and raising money for his home track in Texas.

We’re having a pretty tough week at home, but this story about hiking the White Mountains with a 7yo helped lift my spirits.

Despite a high health orientation, most ultramarathon runners would not stop running if they learned it was bad for their health as it appears to serve their psychological and personal achievement motivations and their task orientation such that they must perceive enhanced benefits that are worth retaining at the risk of their health.

–And another study that shows we’re a pretty dedicated stupid lot.

Coche Roche digs into the “athlete/sedentary twins” study from last week. Great analysis…long term endurance training can change our physiology for the long run.

It’s hot out. Really hot in some places. Wanna crap your pants and get stripped naked in front of everyone? Heed this advice from someone who’s experienced serious heat-related illness.

While Ben Cogger was leading the Minnesota Voyageur, a bee stung him in the mouth. Well that sucks.

Like to run trails but prefer zero course markings? Orieneteering–one of trail running’s funky cousins–has it’s championships going on this week. Click here to learn more.


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