Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 11

Treeline Journal: Chase analyses Anton Krupicka’s build up for Leadville. (Yes, Anton is running Leadville 100 in ten days. Get the hell ready.)

Gladwell: As autonomous vehicles rise in popularity, road runners and cyclists will be at risk.  I’d expect more of them to turn to the trails. What do you think?

iRunFar: Nature’s tasty treats along the trails. For me right now it’s blackberries…they’re everywhere and so…damn…good!

Trailrunner/Bracy: How and why to avoid the “just try harder” trap. I’d never thought about this before, but she makes some excellent points.

Outside/Prelle: Jurek’s going for the AT record again. If you’re not an Outside member, Meghan at iRunFar wrote about it here.
But if you’re really interested in getting the goods, check out the episode Sarah and I recorded with Scott’s wife Jenny after she crewed him during his last AT record. You’ll get a whole new perspective on Scott and how he works, I promise you.

Skurka does a long term review of CalTopo and how it compares to other route-mapping apps and software.

Beer: The complete story of Dale’s Pale Ale and why the founder/brewer is now turning his sights on cannabis.

The rise of ultrarunning and why it’s becoming so popular.

Olympics: The marathoner who knocked all the water bottles down says it was an accident.

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