Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Aug 12

It’s Wednesday. The best way to get over the hump is check out out Leor’s latest run in the Sierras and imagine yourself in the scene.

Didya hear our latest podcast with Stevie Kremer? I love it when I can hear a smile on someone’s face, especially when that someone is an fierce mountain runner with a great attitude.

Sometimes you need to step away from what you love to find yourself.

Wow, getting big time! NYT covers Kaci Lickteig in a piece that focuses on her life and training rather than the “insanity” of the sport. Well done!

Here’s our interview with her from earlier this year.

The eleven stages of waking up too early to workout, as told by emojis.

I turned 40 this year, and since then have fallen into a running funk, got glasses, formed a kidney stone, and am now on stool softeners. What the hell?  Here are some 40+ runners who are kicking ass.

More from SI about the Symonds vs USATF dilemma. What it comes down to is this: That’s a poor excuse for a contract (too vague), and USATF needs to draw a fireline between the sponsorship departments and everything else.

Real time FKT: Jared Campbell and Ty Draney set out to run the John Muir Trail totally unsupported yesterday. They have a crazy detailed map, spreadsheet and spot tracker link on Jared’s website right here.  Current FKT is held by Andrew Bentz in 3d10:59:40 from last year. Good luck fellas! Run strong!  Here’s the interview we did with Hal Koernerafter he and Wolfe set the supported FKT on the same route.

Got a new HRM from Scoche yesterday that I’ll be handing over to my gizmo reviewer. Anxious to read what he thinks about it. Do you use one?

What your weekly training plan should look like, from a pro.

And in another weird international sporting situation, our top 1500m female swimmer (whom I highlighted last week) won’t be swimming in the Olympics because the event only exists for the fellas.

Are endurance athletes pushing our hearts too far?

I love someone who’s willing to face the masses and state their own contrarian opinion.  Here’s an argument for why tempo runs are not effective.

More on the “science and technology in sports” subject from yesterday’s TED talk.We’re only at the brink of trying to noodle through the ethical issues of our sport.

This is exactly why I run some of the loop workouts and timed runs.  They’re mental exercises that make me stronger for the real physical ones.

Here’s one really big family of runners, and they all wear Crocs.

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