Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 15

Need pacing advice for your next race?  Today’s your day!
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TNF HQ is moving to Colorado.

And following that news, the State of Vermont announces move to Colorado.

Amelia Boone shared this post on Twitter a few days ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The lesson: Life is short and you need to make the best of it.

Will this new fluid-based-motion-sensing sports bra from Reebok be the answer to your woes?

As Karel Sabbe makes his way on his AT FKT, this live chart will compare his progress to Joe McCaunaghey’s record.

Really interesting: What’s the real context of Muir’s “The mountains are calling and I must go” message? More here.

I didn’t realize Cherie was no longer at the helm of the wacky Burning Man 50k. Anyone running it this year?

“It is always better to run than to sleep,” he said. ‘[Cristiano] Ronaldo will not play if he has a cold. [Gareth] Bale will not play. They will rest. Farenj will all rest, but habesha will work.”

–The success of East African running prowess is often attributed to genetics, altitude, or the desire to escape crippling poverty.  Consider another explanation.

First rule of beer miling: Ya gotta drink all the beer.

Running a successful restaurant chain means loooong hours and late nights, but it’s not stopping former pro runner Bryan Dayton from taking on Leadville 100 this weekend.

Pay more attention to the latest runner added to the rabbit hutch: Jimmy Elam is on a tear right now!

Let’s Run asks “What’s the best trail running town east of the Mississippi?” with predictable results.

Patrons: Stay tuned for a new edition of the URP News Briefing today!

And be sure to read this account of how easy it can be to get stuck on a 14er.

Looks like Jim’s in technical climbing and descending shape. A harbinger of his UTMB fitness.

“But, but body type doesn’t matter in running!” But oh, yes it does. Here’s the science.

Big news as longtime Lake Sonoma RD John Medinger passes the torch to Skip Brand. I’m especially excited about this because of Skip and Holly’s emphasis and attention to kid’s running. I’ve got NFI in this, but if you’re looking for an excellent source for trail running shoes for kids, check out their shop in Healdsburg. 

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