Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Aug 19

Awesome! Anna Frost and Missy Gosney become first women to complete Nolan’s 14. Here’s my interview with Brandon Stapanowich after he and some friends did it last year.

What running a hundred miles in the snow taught me about business.

There’s some evidence now that our cavemen ancestors did eat carbs.  Paleo people panic.

The Beer Mile World Classic is this Saturday in San Francisco (on Treasure Island, no less!)  I’ll be there watching the last 4 WR holders compete, as racing is out of question right now. Anyone want to meet up?

Aye aye aye.  I can appreciate the Rangers’ jobs to protect the trails, but these guys take it too far. Your thoughts?

The pain will go away, just keep on moving.

–Either a recipe for disaster, or a great race report. This time, the latter.  And on a side note, UVU clothing is going to be made public next month.  I’ve wear tested a tremendous amount of technical and specialty gear, and this stuff stands out above the rest.

If it’s the entry fee for 200s that’s prohibited you from entering (sure it is), your excuses are running out. From Aug 24-31, there’s a $300 discount for the 2016 Bigfoot 200 (point to point in the Cascades), bringing the cost down to $650.  More info here.

La Ultra-The High is a tough 110k ultramarathon in the Himalayas that reaches 17.5k’ and pushes runners through some tough weather. This years winner started running six months ago.

Sherpa John makes a whole lotta accusations against Colorado RDs in this piece and though I can’t vouch for their validity, voicing a reasonable opinion when something is wrong is what will help grow our sport safely. Thoughts?

Something everybody needs: How to improve your uphill running form, from a pro.

Yosemite is notoriously busy in the summer…with plague-infested squirrels.

Steve Magness comes out swinging at Seb Coe’s handling of the doping allegations.

Bucket List: Why isn’t this more of a thing over here? Mountain running mixed with alpine lake swimming for a SwimRun event. Check out those pics!

We’ve been hiking/running/exploring with our kids since they were infants. Here are some solid tips on how to do it safely (without being too safe.)

If you’ve got a stationary bike (or heck, how about just a regular bike), hop on it for 15 minutes a day and you’ll help out your running. Duh.

Happy Birthdays to Alex Varner (who’ll be pouring at the Beer Mile on Saturday) and Yitka Winn (who’ll be traipsing around the Alps.)

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