Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 21

Sarah and I chatted with Gen Z’er Ryan Lange a few months ago about running, EDM, hunting, and more. Here’s a good report on this first DNF with some lessons for everyone.

Race Directing: TJM host Scott directs his first ultramarathon and it’s a success. Lots of great insight into what it takes in this fun report from the other side of the megaphone.

IRF: Live coverage of Pike’s Peak Marathon.

SalomonTV: Great video piece on the Manitou Incline.

While Walt is still on his way to 50 hundred milers in a year, this Marine/Army Veteran is following close behind and carrying a flag while doing so.

Gift idea: Go buy this book. If you like Brendan’s little charts that capture outdoor life, you’ll love this collection. Each chart/chapter comes with a story attached that’s perfect for quick reads. Great for reminding ourselves not take this too seriously. #NFI

Recorded an episode yesterday that I’ll release tomorrow. We’re getting a new dog today and I’m guessing my day will be spent getting licked. 🙂

Grit: Two double amputee athletes climb Pike’s Peak using their hands. Wow!

Really good interview with ultra queen Patrycja Bereznowska and how and why she does what she does.

Who wants to run 500 miles in Vermont? I suspect it’s being put on by Spartan (race is in Pittsfield…the wording on the website…Luis Escobar as RD) and curious if they’ll be pursuing more non-Spartan-branded ultras or if this is a unique event.

Adventure Journal: You don’t need a bunch of fancy stuff. Just go outside and enjoy it. Thank You, Brendan!

RW/Molly Huddle: How to be a good running role model. For adults and kids alike: This is the time when our sports’ next stars are being formed. Give them something to strive for both on and off the trail/track/road.

Ian Corless: How to choose the right sleeping bag. I’ll emphasize what Ian said about height/length. I’m 6’2 and “regular” length bags are torture…that extra few inches is exactly where the cold and bugs get in and make sleeping miserable. I always grab my “tall” bags now.

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