Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 24

Ultrarunning/Stern: What’s going on in ultramarathon and trail racing this weekend? I’ve heard about some race in the Alps?

UTMB will be a stacked field again this year. Here are iRunFar’s Men’s and Women’s previews.

Speaking of UTMB, how cool would it be to find a bag of jewels in the Alps?

Yahoo Sports UK Opinion: Why and how running and other mass participation sports need to be more diverse.

Back to UTMB: Experts and elites weigh in: What can Jim do? What is he capable of this weekend?

Trailrunner Mag: The endurance athlete’s guide to running and training with cannabis. As an endurance athlete who has used and grown cannabis responsibly for years, this was a good read. The author did a thorough job of presenting the science and seems to have a real understanding of what cannabis does and does not do. Nice work!
Two things though: I wish she would’ve discussed the benefits of using cannabis in place of alcohol. With legalization comes the opportunity for the vice-inclined to choose booze or cannabis and only one of those options cause hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. ¬†Also, discussing specific strains is tricky business, as there’s zero conformity in the industry. She references Glue Dream, but I’d bet that genetically speaking, her strain is wildly different than mine.

Join Jamil on his Hardrock 2022 adventure. With special guest appearances from brother Nick, John Kelly, Courtney and more.

Local news: Sacramento City and County leaders finally voted last night to ban camping along the American River Parkway. Woohoo! These are the trails (a term I use accurately though lightly) I run daily by myself and with the youth teams and this new decision was a long time coming. The homeless situation (more precisely, their wild dogs, detritus, and fires) was/is completely out of control.

Short news day.

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