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Holy crapola.  A few weeks out from setting the Colorado Trail unsupported FKT (9.5 days), Brandon Stapanowich ran the Pike’s Peak Ascent on Saturday morning. Then descended. And ran it again. And back down. And again, and back down.  Then ran the Pike’s Peak Marathon, making it an even hundred miles with some crazy vert.  Here’s a video interview with him from Sunday.. Here’s my interview with Brandon after his Nolan’s run last year.  To note, last year, Brandon was running for the Pearl Izumi Ultramarathon Team…anyone picking this guy up now?

This author writes a longform piece on why he taught his medically fragile daughter how to free dive, and why more kids need to learn how to master “dangerous” sports.

David Roche’s latest column about how the right mentality (or lunacy) really helps us in the trail and ultramarathon world. 

According to this article, there was a doping free-for-all in Rio, with some doping officials only there to “get a free meal.”

Ten of the least-visited National Parks. Our friends go to Great Basin each year and love the hell out of it. Got to make it there one time.

Here’s a podcast with 85yo running phenom Ed Whitlock. Haven’t listened to it.

I caught a really cool show on TV last night: Adventure Capitalists on CNBC.  It’s basically Shark Tank (although a bit more contrived) meets URP with VCs investing in small startup outdoor gear companies. Anxious to see more of it.

North East stud Ben Nephew comes within two minutes of breaking the FKT for the Presidential Traverse. No worries, it was his FKT.  He also has the second fastest. And now third.

Interesting: A post-collegiate runner and ultramarathon trail runner thru hikes the Appalachian Trail and gives us the lowdown on the differences between running and hiking. 

According to this Kenyan, the country really needs to get its s#!t together.

No ultramarathon content, but interesting: Why modern women drink.

Anxious for XC season and have a few minutes to spare? Check out these five video series on the greatest sport in the world.

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