Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 28

Joe Fejes just hit 300, Bob Hearn‘s a 275, and women’s leader Connie Gardner is at 230 miles at Six Days in the Dome. Live tracking here.

Short news day today. Prepping for an interview with a Yale Grad and Harvard Law attorney slash ultrarunner named Wookie.

Per his twitter feed this morning, Ryan Sandes is taking a DNS at TDS.

Anton writes about bikes.

I tend to see doping as a black and white issue, but then there are stories like this: Seventeen year old sprinter lists a cold med on doping control card. The med doesn’t contain any banned substances, per the manufacturer. Independent testing shows that it does contain illegal diuretics. Williams is tested and busted for PED use. If that’s a true and accurate representation of events then there needs to be massive change.

Whoa, check out the trails in the Faroe Islands (I’ll save you the trip to google…they’re sort of in between Iceland, Norway, and the UK.) And if I recall correctly, this is the place Ben played a year or so ago and mentioned the incredible trail running.

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