Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 29

TDS is underway and Dylan Bowman and Rory Bosio are both leading. First-class coverage right here. 

Black Diamond freaks out and sends cease and desist letter to Wal-Mart, after the retailer listed their products under their MooseJaw banner. I don’t know…I don’t shop at Wal Mart, but not allowing your items to be sold by the world’s biggest retailer screams of an elitism that’s also a dumb business decision. As a commenter pointed out, why is it OK for the products to be sold on Amazon? Maybe there’s more to the story?

Two vices that are prevalent in this silly sport are alcohol and cannabis. Scientifically speaking, which one is worse for your overall health?

Ian breaks down the UTMB favorites right here. I agree with Ian. Kilian is the favorite and the MUT will be waiting to see if Jim’s got it, but my eyes will be on Tim Tollefson. 

I got the new TrailRunner magazine in the mail yesterday and it’s a good issue. However, there’s a section about bucket list races around the US (Western, Mt Marathon, Hardrock, Shut-In Ridge Run, Chuckanut, etc.) that stood out. The article lists each race including a bit of historical context, vibe,  as well as identifying the “local hero” of the event. Seven races, and every “hero” was a dude? I’m not looking for perfect parity, but I’m curious if the magazine knew about Allie O and her role as a junior and top female at Mt Marathon. Or Megan’s incredible runs at Western States. Krissy’s RD’ing at Chuckanut? Darcy’s dominance at Hardrock? I’m sure it was just an oversight (especially considering the author is Brian Metzler, a guy who’s been around the sport a long time), but it struck me as pretty tone deaf.

As expected, Karel Sabbe wrecked the AT when he finished yesterday. He now holds both the AT and the PCT FKTs simultaneously. 

The Hood to Coast dude got the boot and has been replaced by his daughter.

Recording a new Daily News Roundup podcast this morning. Patrons, stay tuned!

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