Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Aug 3

Ultramarathon Daily News

We’ve all been there: Getting back to normal after a focus ultramarathon.

Huh? There’s wifi on Everest?

Karl’s Appalachian Trail FKT progress. Pretty cool graphics and stats.

Last week there was a lot of hubbub and attention to the first real PED problem in a major trail ultra, and this week there seems to be silence.  Here’s Ian’s great recap on what’s gone on.

This also seems like it should be getting more attention: Congressional bill would end ban on mountain bikes in federal wild lands.  Yeah, it’d be up to local officials to decide whether to lift ban, but as someone who has little trust or respect for government, I’m worried.

Getting high in Mammoth.

Cannabis tampons. Wait, what?

Releasing review on a hydration pack that promises to fit both skinny fellas and curvy women alike. Stay tuned.

A fair and reasoned article on what to do with athletes like Caster Semenya.

Why you should run without music, according to Outside Magazine.  Personally, I go half way.  One earbud for music, one open ear for nature and everything else.

“Jogger” strangled and killed in New York. Be careful out there.

Ultrarunner wants to adopt funky looking terrier that ran with him during Gobi 4 Deserts race.

Homeless girl wins 3000 at Junior Olympics.

Six mental tricks to start running when you really don’t want to.

Interesting: Eminence-based medicine is the rule, not the exception.  (Head start: What is ‘eminence-based medicine’? It means relying on the opinion of a medical specialist or other prominent health official when it comes to health matters, rather than relying on a careful assessment of relevant research evidence.)

The Guardian reports on 24 hour races.

Site news: Releasing Andrew Miller episode today. For some dang reason, Ethan and I sound like robots in the recording. Trying to clean it up this morning.

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