Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 30

Read this: Livin the dream as a professional ultramarathon runner may not be glamorous, but it’s certainly fulfilling.

If you read espanol, this looks like a very interesting graph that show various UTMB competitors’ training going into the big day.

The Guardian’s take on UTMB.

Skurka’s entire gear list for UTMB, both mandatory and optional.

Speaking of gear…Fellas, just because you don’t smell your stinky socks doesn’t mean the lady in your life doesn’t think they reek.

Much has been said about David Torrence’s death, and I’ll fully admit to not being very familiar with his racing. Now I find myself obsessed with the guy after reading this post about “stop blaming elites for the state of the sport” and wish I’d followed his career more closely.

Looking for a race in September…and maybe the chance to win some cash? The Folsom Lake Ultra Trail is a 68 miler that circumnavigates Folsom Lake in between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. (I DNFed a few years ago.). There’s prize money this year, it’s organized well, and there’s plenty of beer at the finish.

A great film about my wife’s man crush winning Western States.

NorCal runners: Maybe it’s a different name with a different RD, but Dick Collins Firetrails is happening this year! Now under the Scene Performance banner and part of the Bay Ridge Endurance Runs, it’s happening on the same course, the same date (Oct 7th), with the same records recognized. More info here.

How to train for a mountain race when you live at sea level. Welcome to my life.

Seventy nine year old Canadian fella just ran his 100th marathon…he only started running the distance 11 years ago.

Short news day today. Total tech meltdown last night (CPU, mixing board, USB hub all crashed simultaneously) so I had to postpone interview until tonight. Gotta get it fixed! (Fun way to spend the last day of summer, eh?)

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