Ultra Trail Daily News, Wed, Aug 31

Ultramarathon News – Wed, Aug 31

Might come in handy: Four tips for running a fast ultramarathon.

Sintering, siping, and circular knitting: How the running shoe industry is about to get way more awesome.

Here’s Jamil’s video from UTMB-CCC from last week.  Yep, those mountains look pretty sweet.

Looks like Grant Maughan may have set a new FKT for a self-contained Badwater 146 run.  Incredibly accomplishment that won’t get two sentences in most media.

A performance trucker hat? Huh?

Wednesday funnies: Trump explains ultra trail races and opines on the sport in this new twitter feed.

Protip: Do not run the Santa Rosa Marathon.  Three out of the last four years, the pacers have led runners woefully off course.  Clarification: There have been issues with this race in the past.  Beware.

I’d mentioned that my Himalayan 100 race was in jeopardy.  It’s back on. Vah!

Surf Coast Century is taking place in Australia this weekend. Here’s a great rundown of the competitors.  Side note: Why do cyclists (and apparently Aussies) call a hundred (mile or km) a century, but the rest of the running world does not?

Bronco Billy says sleep is good. Problem is, I don’t like it.

It was all smiles (and giggles) at the 420 games this weekend in San Francisco.  Avery Collins won the footrace, and will likely be a guest on URP again to discuss his season.

Magness: Undertraining and overtraining: Why a little perspective matters.

Want to see what six days and 200k on some of the best trails in Ireland looks like?

Last day of summer vacation at URP HQ.  Daughter starts 2nd grade tomorrow, then son starts preschool next Friday.  Let the real training begin!

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