Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Aug 5

Big huge gigantic thanks to Scotty and Sarah for holding down the fort during my absence.  This isn’t quite over (still have an 8″ stent in my ureter that needs to come out), but URP should be back to normal from here forth. Thanks for your patience, support, and letters of encouragement!  I’ll tell the full story in a future episode.

This wins for my favorite/most amusing post/race strategy of the year.

Very interesting take on how to tell who’s cheating in a race.  Some MUT teams have a reputation for being pretty insular…better watch out, eh?

Do we need to label ultramarathons and trail running races?

Hey you! Use your vacation days!

Ah, the big question: When you’re training for a long race, how long should your long run be?

140 year old beer with a 12% ABV that was found on a freakin shipwreck sounds like fun, but the price is a bit steep for me.

Releasing a new podcast with Sage Canaday today. Sarah and I chat with him about training for his first hundred (a little race called UTMB), his book, and when athlete marketing goes too far. Stay tuned!

This ultramarathon in Sweden is totally gay.

This article isn’t entirely clear on what marathon/ultramarathon this guy has broken. Local records maybe?

Here’s a neat post from the 268 mile Spine Race in the UK.  I like the cheek of the “Ultramarathon Mum’s” weather report!

Did you know Eminem was running 17 miles a day on a treadmill? Wow!

New FKT up the tallest peak in the continental US. Dang!

Posts just like this are what make him my #1 favorite blogger.

“This should be our sport,” says overall winner (a female) of 125k Death Race.

If you’ve emailed me (or contributed to the donations page) in the past week, my apologies. I WILL get back to you…trying to catch up on a few lost days of both URP and family stuff is tough.  Thanks for understanding.

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