Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Aug 9

How to trail for a 100 mile ultramarathon. How’d you do it?

Update on Ellie’s injuries and racing schedule.

Yes, too much beer can kill you.

Running 100 miles is tough. Swimming 100 miles has got to be really tough.  Swimming 100 miles in a current-neutral lake has got to be excruciating.

Whoa, this guy is taking his knee injury hard.

Chris Price’s report from Ouray 100. Man, what a beautiful course!

Interesting: Are endurance athletes more susceptible to getting diabetes?

An interesting situation from the Canadian Death Race: Top three race leaders missed a critical turn and the RD penalized runners differently. Hopefully getting resolved today, but it brings up the old “who’s fault is it?” discussion.  Yes, the route was posted online. But at the same time, there were apparently consistent ribbons that led to the intersection–where no one was stationed and that had no signage. Christian Hambroke’s (race winner? leader?) FB page has all the details.

Media: Why did so many Japanese households watch the World Championship Marathon this weekend? What is that country doing that our athletics leadership can learn from?

Spot the logical fallacy: Fried chicken is delicious. Beer is delicious. Beer-battered chicken is delicious. Fried chicken flavored beer is delicious.

Heading to Cancun? Ditch the beach and head to the trails. (But then head back to the beach.)

Interviewed Joe Gray yesterday and I’ll release later today. We covered all sorts of issues–racing, sponsorships, race relations, food, PEDs, and more.  Stay tuned.

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