Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Dec 12

Good read: Shad writes about whether working hard and training is an addiction and if so, how to address it.

Well that lede graf is certainly interesting. Thermometer pills to test endurance athletes reactions to extreme heat?

Sabrina Little ran and won the inaugural Dallas Marathon 50k. First place overall. Nice work! I’d love to see more marathons offer an ultramarathon option.

Ultras on the rise in theDC area. The article quotes Mike Strzelecki who was on the show earlier this year and who’s episode is one of the most downloaded in the last 12 months.

Take a passionate trail runner with one of the oldest MUT blogs in the space and combine it with a C-level tech entrepreneur and marketing whiz and you get Scott Dunlap (interview here.) Now check out this compelling piece about advice he has for a new Strava program. Pretty interesting stuff. Would it work in the MUT world?

Work with me here: If boasting about how many hours you work is a sign of failure, could the same be said about training? What do you think?

Congrats to Meghan and Bryon from IRF on their recent marriage. And I thought  mine was low key!

There’s getting up in the morning. There’s getting up that hill. There’s getting up out of that chair. And there’s getting it up. Forty more minutes of running can help with all of those.

Trail Doc John writes about depression and suicide in the endurance community. Definitely wroth a read.

Spaff is putting together a new event in Ontario that looks like it’ll push snow endurance sports to their limits: Trail running, fat bikes, and skis for the Land O’Lakes Winter Ultramarathon. Anxious to see/hear more.

Marathon racing is alive and well in Ireland. Race sells out 20k spots ten months before the race.

Releasing our EOY episode later today. In it, Sarah, Dylan Bowman, and I run down categories such as Most Influential Person of 2018, Performance of the Year, Surprise of the year, and who we’d put money on in 2019. Stay tuned.

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