Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Dec 15

ultrarunning/Salsbury: Fifteen year old ultra/trail runner Sebastian Salsbury makes the case for more youth inclusion and focus on kids at MUT events. As we spoke about in our interview with him last year (at 14!), if we want to ensure that this MUT bubble becomes a sustained umbrella, we need to focus on the true future of the sport…and that’s the youth. Great article, check it out.

IRF/Little: Sabrina Little writes another thought provoking post for iRunFar, this time on prioritizing the loves in our life and where and how running fits into the equation.

SCMP: This article is about some of the obstacles the top team at Oxam Trailwalker had to face (cracked ribs, quarantine, etc), but it leads to a bigger question as to why there aren’t more team MUT events. I watch this sport pretty closely and I can name two: Oxfam and Transrockies. Are there more I’m missing, and if not, why doesn’t this format appeal to people?

Ian Corless: An honest look at the best and worst trail shoes of 2021. Nice to see Scarpa making a comeback…they had some great trail shoes!

Swimming World Magazine offers a neutral article on the Lia Thompson (trans swimmer) issue while Kevin Beck sees the matter as a catalyst for the general public to understand the subject better.
(Note: For every one “why are you still talking about this?!?” comment I get, I see about ten PMs/emails asking me to stay on the subject because, much like Ms Thompson’s teammates,  they’re afraid of speaking out publicly.)

YouTube: Let’s go on a 44k run in Kenya with 100M/24hr/12hr World Record holder Sania Sorokin. He talks about his workouts, diet, mindset, everything.  Tons of great info in here.

Beer professionals predict the trends that will shape 2022.

Instagram: Mt Marathon champ/Steepler/XC stud Allie Ostrander announces she’s ditching her contract with Brooks and basically retiring from pro running, citing her physical and mental health are more important than winning races.  Hey Allie, if you ever want to take a more chill route while still being competitive, we’d love to have you on the MUT scene.

Hey Ms. Wilson, maybe you outta stick to LaCroix.

Trailrunner Mag: Getting bored with the same trails and routes? Here are some ways to seek novelty in the familiar.

Science: Study finds trail running increases risk of beard by 400%.

More science: Listening to Drake will make you run slower.

Got the UROY/POTY ballot yesterday and I’ve got a lot of work to do. What a crazy year!

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