Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Dec 16

The Speedgoat’s pics for the Ultrarunner of the Year.  Stay tuned for an end of year recap with ultrarunning magazine‘s publisher Karl Hoagland.  After reading Speedgoat’s list, yikes…I forgot a lot of great performances from this year!

Not avoiding or ignoring it, but today’s Daily News will be PED and Lance free. 

Sarah and I recorded a fun interview with Caitlin Smith, three years to the day after I interviewed her last.  Fun talk about how international travel can wreak havoc on racing, the role diet played in her run at World 50k Championships, the unique way she paid for the trip, training for multiple distances at a time, having Magdalena Boulet as a coach, and more. Definitely a fun interview.

Read this: Pat tries to get to the bottom of why he loves marathons and ultras, especially when they don’t go as planned.  He tells a great story about preparation, focus, and ultimately defeat during a recent race.

Go for a run, or sit around obsess about Star Wars?

If you’re planning on slacking off this holiday season, read this “detraining calendar.”

Strength training for endurance sports.  This stuff is vital to staying healthy and fit. Hey me, didya hear that?!?

Desert Solstice is this weekend. Kaitlin Nagy will go for another 24 hour record, and Zach Bitter is hoping to break the world record for 100 miles. Get it done!

Brazos Bend 100 has always sounded like a fun race. Here are some great pics.

Science: Lettuce worse for environment than bacon.

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