Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Dec 2

The American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame is moving to the passionate and capable hands of Davy Crockett and his ultrarunninghistory.com site. Good move, and I can’t wait to see who’s inducted this year.

MTB and trail running champ Andrea Huser passed away last week after a fall on a training run. Condolences to her friends and family, she seemed like quite an amazing person.

Dure Magazine: Cool interview with Reza Pakravan, a full time adventurer and filmmaker about how he prepares and executes his expeditions. (Just do what normal adventurers do, but drag along ALL of your camera equipment, right?)

Women’s Running: Incomplete list of running strollers. They forget the incredible Thule Chariot! It’s the only one on the list that tolerate high speed runs (the BOBs and City Strollers get speed wobbles at anything faster than 6:30 pace) and also transform into a multisport stroller/trailer. (I’m kinda nuts about running strollers…spent a lot of time pushing them!)

Are you a female climber and/or alpinist who practices LNT ethics? Do you want five grand?

Interested in how manmade fences affect nature, animal migration and ecology? This is for you.

So, here I am, mired in the worst health situation I’ve ever confronted at just the moment I’m coming out with a book in which I tell other people how to deal with bad situations. 

–Author, runner, and past URP guest Matt Fitzgerald dealing with what he believes is PACS, or Post Accute Covid Syndrome and how this may affect him in the long run.

Lake Sonoma is now a two day festival with a 100k option. I appreciate that the events are held on separate days but hope not much else changes. I loved the grassroots, quiet atmosphere.

Canadian Running: 1500m runner and Beer Mile champ Corey Bellemore opens up about being a fella with an eating disorder.

I gotta admit, I rolled my eyes a bit at the news that the college girl kicked a ball in a football game. But my eyebrows were definitely raised when I read this article about a team of badass firefighters who are planning to cross Antarctica on foot. Go get it, ladies!

UltraRunning Magazine: Good report from the winner of the women’s race at Moab 240.

New episode dropping today. Stay tuned.

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