Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Dec 2

Read this: Why athletes don’t talk about doping.  Are sponsored MUT runners outspoken enough?

…and the USATF just can’t seem to get out of its own way. Dumb decision after another tone-deaf dumb decision…

This site plans on serving as an online (and legal) marketplace for selling/swapping race bibs.  No successful transactions yet, more work is required for RDs, but the idea seems worthwhile. Will it work?

Solid coffee mug review from the guys at TAUR.  I’m working on a double-insulated and pressurized growler review at the moment.

Best holiday beers. Yeah, some catchy names, but not so sure about the brews…

Altra is now the official footwear sponsor of Hardrock.  Earlier this year the company also became same sponsor for Western States.  There must be some serious cache in that title, right?

I thought the ultra man was a single event, not a three day stage.  Anyone? Regardless, nice win on her first try attempt.

The LetsRun crowd is still going after “Viral Marathon Dad” after they accuse him of cheating again.

NYT: The close ties between exercise and beer.  I’ll have a beer(s) after a race, but rarely will I have one (or five) after a normal run. Drinking at 5am just looks tacky.

Drone falls out of sky and injurs runners at race.

Here’s Lorraine’s report from her first 50 miler…a podium finish at JFK! And here’s her interview from last month.

Five tips from Anton on how to run one hundred miles.

One thing running in California has allowed me to avoid is the dreaded assicle.  Whew!

I like this: The art of running in nature.

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