Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Dec 21

Ultramarathon Daily News and Voting

I released this new podcast yesterday with insanely fast ultramarathon runner Sabrina Little about how she’s dealing with overcoming injury, philosophy, horseradish, the loss of her mother, and what coaching HS kids means to her. Definitely check it out.

Ah, the good ol’ do ice baths work? discussion. The BBC is on it.

Vermont 100 announces they’ll have an Athletes with Disabilities category for next year. Cool.

ultramarathon sträva art

How’s your Christmas-themed-Strava-art game going?

Read this and re-read it: Calibrating your inner-GPS.

Here’s my review of The North Face puffy slippers. Oh yes!

I just received Ian Corless’ new book Running Beyond yesterday….whoa.  Another gorgeous coffee table book with incredible pictures and details of all the great trail, ultramrathon and sky races from around the world.

Online sleuths catch a few more cheaters at the Honolulu Marathon.

No ultramarathon content: I wish I were going to be in LA in January for this semi-pro dodgeball tournament.

We know about the professional beer milers…did you know there’s an agent who specializes on beer mile athletes? And yes, he’s Canadian.

Speaking of beer miles (I thought I said I was “over” them), this visually impaired dude ran one in 6:33.

It seems as if running is the easy part. Getting in and planning is the most difficult. Aliza LaPierra discusses the conundrum.

Thirteen minutes of awesome Kilian trail/snow porn.

This water-filtration soft flask looks like something everyone will own.

There’s a beer style I’ve never encountered: A kvass.  You?

Ethan and I recorded a new podcast yesterday with Morning Shakeout’s and ekiden.com’s Mario Fraioli where we discussed the highlights and lowlights of 2016 and tried to guess what’ll happen in the MUT world in 2017.  I’ll release later today or tomorrow.

And here’s my official ballot for female age group (50+) performance of the year. This was a tough category.


  1. Meghan Arbogast at World 100k  (7:58, 55yo)
  2. Colleen DeReuck at Comrades (7th at Comrades, 52yo)
  3. Riva Johnson at Bryce 100 (23:57, 1st fem, 53yo)
  4. Roxanne Woodhouse at Tahoe200 (69:16, 1st fem, 52yo)
  5. Bev Abbs at a very tough San Diego 100 (22:51, 52yo)

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