Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Dec 30

Sarah Lavender Smith: Why she ran trail and ultramarathon races in 2020. She goes much deeper than many of the reflexive social media postings and considers all aspects of mental health, her own family situation, and the well being of our community and friends. No need to be defensive or make excuses, just be smart.

CNN: What it takes to maintain the extraordinarily busy trail system in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Rangers remove over ten pounds of human poo from one trail system in Utah. Come on, people.

Billy Yang is releasing a movie about Zach Miller today that I’m anxious to watch it. Zach was one hell of a compelling guy when he blasted onto the scene and aside from rehabbing a bus with his dad, I have no idea what he’s up to right now. Show hits Billy’s YouTube channel at 3:30 PST. (Here’s Zach’s first podcast appearance way back in 2014.)

“Inclusivity” is a buzzword in running right now, but as a corollary of basic human nature, it echoes faintly at best of genuine fairness. Instead, it suggests that everyone with a bib number and a half-assed reason to scream has a right to a money or publicity scam. 

Kevin Beck has some compelling thoughts on influencers and media folks in the running world and how creating unnecessary drama and divisiveness shouldn’t be celebrated. Very good read, and no, I’m not the unnamed podcaster he was referring to.
And hooray for independent writing! Ya think any other running site/rag would publish his thoughts and analysis?

SF Bay Area folks: Keep an eye out for Lucas and hope for the best.

I’m a huge fan of the beer scene in Burlington, Vermont. Incredible lists at restaurants and tap houses, solid beer culture, and delectable food scene. I’m hearing that Zero Gravity will be releasing a non-alc in 2021. Any locals know anything?

The FKTOYs have started with Adam Kimble taking 5th place! Adam beat Kilian’s supported TRT record by over an hour, and Adam’s route included an extra few miles. Daaaaang.

iRunFar: Justin catches up with Olympic skier and trail runner Morgan Arritola. I’ve only met Morgan a few times in person, but each of those times I walk away thinking about what a cool and genuine person she is. Honest, vibrant, and powerful, she’s got a big fan in my daughter Sunny, too.

Canadian Running: There won’t be separate Trail and Mountain running championships any longer. Next year will see the inaugural Trail and Mountain Running Championships take place in Thailand. Curious choice for locales. With most top athletes coming from Europe and North America, this decision seems a bit impractical, doesn’t it?

I’ve written about the unnamed AT thruhiker “Mostly Harmless” quite a few times over the past few years. At last….he’s been identified! Wow! I’m so curious to find out more! More here.

Adharanand writes about the importance of running in 2020. Here’s our interview with him from 2018 where we talk about the Japanese and African influences on ultramarathons.

Vancouver Island trail runner loses his leg in an accident and has hopes of getting back to the sport he loves.

Gluten-free Sufferfest beer put on indefinite hold. Anyone know what’s up?

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