Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Dec 7

Ultramarathon News – Wed, Dec 7

First thing to do this morning: Watch this inspiring and raw video of Zach Miller’s final 2 minutes at North Face.  THAT is how you finish a race…especially in a competitive trail ultramarathon!  More videos like this please! 

“They did all these tests on me, and they said I tested like a person half my age,” said Anker. “But I definitely cooked a few brain cells, and it felt like I had weakened my heart, like I charley-horsed it or something.”

–Veteran alpinist Conrad Anker has a heart attack at 20k’ in the Himalayas.  Master of the understatement?

You may have noticed a bit of a kerfuffle about the Hardrock lottery yesterday. My take on it as  someone who’s never been to the race and has no desire to ever run it: The guy seems to have a few decent points, but they’re clouded by the other seemingly bizarre statements on his page and his method of grievance. More than anything, I learned quite a bit about BLM permitting, “game of chance” law, the HR “lottery” situation, as well as the fact that half the people posting haven’t read a single comment.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out Ian Torrence’s writeup from his time at the Hardrock lottery drawing.  He offers quite a bit of insight into the process from an observers POV.

While some popular trail ultramarathons are trying to figure out how to control demand, much of the rest of the running/endurance industry is trying to figure out how to attract people to races and begging them to sign up.

And it turns out there are other races that don’t require a lottery.

It would be 12 more miles of wallowing in mental despair. I thought ahead to my next big race. “There’s no way I can run 100 miles. I’ll never be ready to run 100 miles. 100 miles is stupid. I wonder if I can get my money back for Bighorn.”

Here’s a race report from the Stillhouse 100k in Tennessee.  Looks like a fun and hard course, and the author battled himself for much of the race.  I can certainly relate.

“Functional dehydration” seems like a recipe for disaster. I get the science, but yikes.

This collegiate runner disagrees.

By popular demand, New Balance is bringing back one of their iconic trail shoes.  Brooks, your move.

Put down the bong and remember to support your local craft brewer.

Struggle to get out the door? How Bryon deals with running anxiety.

Hoka coach offers ten tips for HS and collegiate XC and distance runners.  Good for all of us.

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