Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Feb 10

Ultramarathon News for Wednesday

David Roche’s ultramarathon athletes are having some serious success right now.  Here’s his advice on getting started in trail running.

Another funny installation from the Dusty Chronicles.  This time he, Jurek, and Ed Kohler are at Cross Country Ski Jr Nationals and raise all sorts of hell.  Keep em coming!

If you’re not busy in June, but still want to do something awesome, check out this contest by Asics that takes runners to Chamonix for some serious trail running.  But please If you slip and fall, don’t sue anyone.

I keep throwing money at the monitor, but nothing is happening. I want this wheel!

Q&A with half-marathon stroller dad Calum Neff.

The Angry Jogger responds to the “six year old Happy Meal” meme, in the most NSFW way he knows.

DIdya catch our latest podcast with Maggie Guterl?  How’d this Philly native go from decent mid packer to frontrunner in two short years?  Sarah and I dig in to find out.

I asked about the ElliptiGo on Twitter yesterday and was surprised by how many runners–ultramarathon and otherwise–use one.  Have you?

Strength training for running economy.

Funny lesson: If you fall asleep naked by a stream, hold on to your shorts!

Currently writing reviews on beer growler and new trail shoes. Stay tuned.

Interesting article about what your pulse actually says about your fitness, with info from recent guest Matt Fitzgerald.


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