Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Feb 15

It doesn’t matter how much talent or drive you have.  If you screw up your family life because of ultramarathon training, you’ve got nuthin.  Here’s a post about training around family life.  (And here’s an episode where I dealt personally with this problem.)

FKTOY #4 for 2016: Leor Pantilat and Sue Johnston.  More on Sue’s insane grid project right here.

At a kids race in Japan, 262 out of 263 kids went the wrong way.  The only kid to complete the distance was DFL.  Guess who won? Awesome!

Two things about this video from Jeremy Wolf. First, how cool to see the view from the leader of a 25k trail race.  Second, holy whaaaat! What a gorgeous course!

Here’s a mockup of the ultra women’s shirt from rabbit. I believe preorders will start this week and shirts will be on your doorstep in about two weeks.  Design for the fellas is coming soon.

ultramarathon women rabbit
Mock up of shirt.

Seven body image resolutions for trail runners.  I don’t know, I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this.  As someone who’s gained 30 pounds since Dec 1 (seriously!), I can’t wait to get back to my skinny racing weight.   I look at the top 10 guys of any race and see their bodies, and no, there’s not a lot of diversity there. I’m anxious to get back to feeling good about not only how I run, but how I look.

Outdoor industry issues ultimatum to Utah Governor.  With nearly every major brand represented, this’ll be interesting to watch.  How much power does outdoor rec really have?

Big congrats to Daniel Denton for winning a brand spanking new Camelbak Circuit Hydration Vest during our Patreon contest last week.  For the price of a gel a week, you make yourself eligible for gear giveaways and an extra podcast each month.

Speaking of Camelbak, I’ll be posting Jade’s latest review of the Circuit vest today.

Looking for the one secret workout to up your ultramarathon and trail game? Here it is, fresh from the guys at Trails and Tarmac.

No ultramathon content: Dude falls at start of 3k race and breaks arm.  Runs anyway and PRs by 15s.  I think this guy’s got a career in MUT after he’s done running in circles.

The latest Level Renner newsletter from the North East. Be sure to check out the Concrete Wall article on page 10…good stuff about going from good to great.

Cool article on visually impaired trail runners.  Check out the interview we did with VI runner Richard Hunter right here.

Update: Saw doc yesterday and all is good. Stitches out and healing is done.  My flexibility is shot (108 degrees), but I’ve got a lot of stretching drills to do and he gave me green light to get on the bike.  Remember what I said about those thirty pounds???

Eight pros share their best trail running tips.

California finally has a skimo race! Better get training, it’s in a week and a half in Tahoe!  I’ll probably be up there to check it out. Anyone else?

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