Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Feb 19

I’m dealing with an awful flu and just lost all the commentary to today’s news briefing except for Mario’s for some reason.) Ugh. Not what I needed. The following is a list of the links, minus most of my pithy remarks.
Alright, back to bed.

Koop: How to start your ultramarathon training.

Is Kipchoge the best role model out there? In this article, he writes about his favorite books and the importance of reading.

Did you catch our latest episode with SteelTownRunner Paul? He’s a true scholar of the sport and helps contextualize the current elite runners.

Treeline Journal: Chase owrites about the struggle with his one year no beer plan. How’s he doing? Very honest account of what it takes.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Mario opines on the new 5k record, Marathon Investigations, and his desire to interview Kilian Jornet. While he mentions the article about the first transgender athlete in the Olympics, he leaves out the recent lawsuit by the Connecticut HS girls and what he really thinks is the best solution. I’ve made my point clear: You can’t support women’s athletics and allow biological males to compete in the women’s division. Civil discussion welcome. As Mario writes, this is an issue we have to discuss openly without fear of name calling or cancelling.

Big thanks to the Sacramento Running Association for its focus on youth running. This past weekend, Sunny and her running buddy Bryce were chosen to receive awards at a ceremony that also feted three-time Western States champ Tom Johnson and other top athletes. These gestures are easy to incorporate into a ceremony and have a profound impact on the kids.

Atlantic: Learning to run without headphones.

iRunFar/Sabrina: Excellent post about the morality of responsibility. How often do we look at ourselves when faced with something that doesn’t align with our beliefs?

Strava polled 25k runners to find out why they run. Here’s what they found.

Podium Runner: Experts weigh in on the Olympic Marathon Trials. Who’s got the best odds? Seems like a good list.

RW: Couple gets married at finish line of Rocky Raccoon 100k.

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