Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Feb 20

Funny video: Twenty thoughts we have at the start of a race. I’ll add: “I’m going to go out slow, but if I feel good in the first few miles, I’ll ditch my pacing plan and hope for the best.” (This, inevitably, ends up in disaster every time.)

Cory and Melanie Reese ran the entire Jackpot 100 Ultramarathon together and are still married. I don’t understand it.

Tough Mudder adds Snickers to its partnership portfolio. Aside from the candy bar at an athletic event thing, this sponsorship shows that niche sports like OCR–a sport that’s flattened out in terms of growth–can still pull in major money. Would this be a good thing for MUT events if the money went to reduce registration fees or increase prize purses?

Eight year old kid runs a 3:32 marathon after surviving leukemia and chemotherapy. Awesome.

I like Koop’s Heriarchy of Ultramarathon Training Needs, but it needs one major change: Build A Team needs to be very first or you’ll never get to the next level.

Interesting: Strava heat maps expose cultural lines in Baltimore and offer possible solutions to more inclusiveness.

Synchroblog: Looking back at the MUT scene ten years ago compared to today. Really great stuff guys! AJW | Sean Meissner | Wyatt | Scott Dunlap | Thornley

The Rut may soon be an international event. Get your passports ready.

More on James McCowan, winner of the mens race at Rocky Raccoon and the exceedingly humble XC coach at Vassar College.

Good stuff: Brendan Leonard from Semi-Rad (interview here) writes about the ups and downs and realities of having an adventure blog.

Jonathan Levitt has a new podcast and in his first episode, he chats with HOKA NAZ Elite coach Ben Rosario.

My wife tells me this is a game changer: Women’s swimsuits with pockets.

I never used DailyMile, and with this announcement, I guess I never will.

Rainshadow’s James Varner is the new Course Director for Hardrock 100. He also just recieved 2,500 new friend requests.

New episode dropping today. Stay tuned.

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