Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Feb 3

Americans do the Beer Mile. Canadians like Gary Robbins do the Nog Jog.

Olympics: Full steam ahead, but with a new playbook.
And just remember, there’s always Florida as a Plan B.

Do pro MUT runners actually have “normal” jobs or do they just run? The LetsRun boards discuss the topic with some input from Sage Canaday.
I’d been writing up a pretty big piece about salaries of MUT runners last March when the Rona hit. Lost interest at the time, but I’d like to revisit it and share what I found.

Age Old Runners: Liza chats with mononymous Richard about what’s driving the 67 year old Texan to keep racing and training. Sounds like a neat guy to share some trail miles with.

 I had to ask a few people to read another Outside article to make sure I wasn’t being overly sensitive about it, but you can judge for yourself whether or not Huber, whose style might just be naturally condescending, is really doing Mary Cain any favors.

Lize Brittin: Another perspective on how Outside Magazine has lost all integrity and usefulness. Lize takes particular umbrage at the magazine’s recklessness when dealing with disordered eating and young women.

Treeline Journal: Chase takes a long, deep look at the rise of Jeff Stern, who after just a few years of dedicated trail running, has a few wins, some nice FKTs, a Salomon sponsorship, and most importantly, a committed mindset of where he wants to go as a runner. The big question though: Does Jeff think he can grab a Golden Ticket at Black Canyon 100k?

Forbes: Five tips for buying sustainable cannabis. How about number six? Grow it yourself and control the variables.

Wednesday Funny: Not sure how I found this, but here’s a Twitter thread of pro cyclists inadvertently dressed as bathroom junk. (No, not that junk. Perfectly SFW.)

“While the details of President Biden’s executive order remain fuzzy, asking women — no, requiring them — to give up their hard-won rights to compete and be recognized in elite sport, with equal opportunities, scholarships, prize money, publicity, honor and respect, does the cause of transgender inclusion no favors,” Hogshead-Makar said. “It engenders justifiable resentment, setting back the cause of equality throughout society. And either extreme position – full inclusion or full exclusion in sport – will make life much harder for transgender people. We must make sport a welcoming place for all.”

USA Today covers the complex issue of how to allow transgender athletes to compete in sports. A new group of athletes and thinkers are looking for actual answers–not just clickbait rhetoric–in a bid to accommodate all athletes.

Yesterday the news was flooded with Screech and Marilyn Manson news. Today we read that George Clooney helped Eddie Izzard finish a marathon. Are we in some weird 90s time warp?

Physiological Indicators of Trail Running Performance: A Systematic Review sounds like a pretty fascinating topic to dive into. The abstract is free, but the rest if paywalled.

LetsRun message boards: Should my wife and I wear masks while trying to conceive? Jeezus.

Runners World: A couple of New England runners got the stuck in the snow and had to be rescued by helicopter. Included in the article are a few good tips for staying safe (phone in the underwear, dry feet, etc.)

Yuengling mango beer? Is that a good idea?

Wait, there are twelve other father/son duos who have broken the 4 minute mark?

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