Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Feb 5

Treeline Journal: Chase picks his favorites for this weekend’s Tarawera 100. Agree with his predictions?

Read this: John Kelly’s incredible race report from his Spine win last month.

Neel took part in the first “Last Man Standing” event in India and shot this cool video.

Outside/Hutchinson: In-depth analysis of the VaporFly controversy that starts with an imaginary (and funny) conversation between Nike and the IAAF that puts this all in context. Good read.

Interesting…golf is going through a similar issue right now with the governing bodies considering restrictions on additional tech that would allow golfers to hit their drives farther.

Spartan announced a Trail World Championship this week that consists of seven races on four continents with a quarter million bucks up for grabs. It’s strange…Spartan obviously has the money and the willingness to spend it–and I realize details are few–but this is a weird way to break into the international elite trail running world, isn’t it?
If Joe DeSenna tapped me to run things with the goal of making a branded impact, I’d buy a 100 miler in early/mid June, tap a trusted and experienced MUT RD (not Spartan folks) to run it , and offer up the $250k in prize money. It’d be wildly successful if they did two things: Keep it low key (somewhere between Lake Sonoma and North Face) and throw some of that money at a comprehensive PED testing program. It’d compete directly with Western States and draw a ton of interest and quick runners. Just like that, Spartan would be a major player.
What do you think?

Warrior’s Way is a 260M race in the UK with no aid (other than water), no trekking poles, no pacers, and no crew. I can think of a few people this would immediately appeal to.

Trail and Kale: The Angkor Ultra Trail in Cambodia…what a beautiful race! A bit too technical for me, but it looks incredible, doesn’t it?

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