Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Feb 6

Crewing a hundred mile ultramarathon is tough and tiring, especially when it’s their first hundred, and especially when it’s at Western States.

It’s hard keeping up with Mike Wardian’s World Marathon Challenge, but yesterday he dropped at 2:56 in Madrid for the win. Incredible.

An interesting take on how strict PED policies has parallels with taxing the super rich. I think the assumption that ‘almost all people” want to see higher taxes on top earners is a bit of a stretch, but get the point nonetheless.

Swedish listener Mattias let me know that Lazarus Lake will be on the board for the toughest trail ultramarathon in the country, the Kullamannen. Here’s a cool video that shows this funky event that’s known for having slightly eccentric RD. Laz should fit in well.

Late entry to the URP Daily News yesterday, but I want to make sure everyone saw it and noted the significance: Marine Corps Marathon offering 50k distance this year. Now if this trend spreads, it’ll be interesting and we could see some real challenges to the 50k AR. I’m not clear whether the MCM 50k will start with the marathoners or not. Anyone know?

More on Trevor Fuchs, the recent mens winner 2nd place of the HURT 100.

We pulled the trigger and will be in Portugal for five weeks this summer. Any race or run tips welcome. (Already looking at Ultra Trail Andorra.)

First ultramarathon to be held in Nigeria this Decemeber. I’m unclear on one thing though…is prize money only available to “Africans”? Who exactly did they thing would show up and take the podium?

Whenever I need a gift for a friend, I head to the semi-rad shop. Tons of great stuff in there, including the above framed print. (NFI)

Faster than an easy run, but not as quick at an LT workout, it’s time to focus on the gray area of steady running.

Tarawera preview from the fellas at Ultra168.

This week: Broken Arrow announces it’s part of the Mountain Running World Cup as the first race in the US and North Face Endurance Challenge will be a UTMB and Lavaredo qualifier.

So apparently some runner fought off and killed a mountain lion? Anyone have his name? Please email me if so. Thanks.

At the risk of sounding insensitive I’ll leave you with just the facts: Man struck and killed by train while running on tracks. Earbuds found at the scene.

The ultramarathon lost a good one in Buzz Sawyer. One of the founding members of the JFK50 miler, mentor, coach, RD, and from what it sounds like, one helluva guy. RIP Buzz.

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