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For roads or trail: How to avoid going out too fast. Another method I’ve used in past ultramarathons: A minute or two before the gun blows, head for the outhouse and do your business. If it’s a 50+ miler, a few minutes won’t change much, and if it’s chip timed, you’re fine. You won’t get caught up in the hype, you’ll get your poop on, and you’ll spend the entire race passing people which will do wonders for your psyche.

I saw examples like this time and time again in Flagstaff. The elite runners around me there were consistently and strikingly rational when they needed to be. Recreational runners, by contrast, very often make decisions based in fear and insecurity. It’s not that they don’t have the ability to be rational, but when the pressure is on they allow panic to seize the wheel from reason.

Great piece on decision making and weight loss.

rabbit is quickly putting together one hell of a pro team. Latest addition: Tyler McCandless.

How to protect your eyes against snow blindness.

Very much looking forward to reading this. The limits of human endurance are something we’ll see being pushed for as long we’re alive and I’m fascinated by the mental aspect.

Worst Mistake: I drank pickle juice, thinking it was Mountain Dew. I think I handled it like a lady. “Excuse me, this Mountain Dew is horrendous.”

–I read a lot of race reports, and none–none–make me smile more than Sabrinas.

Billy Yang gets some well-deserved accolades from Runner’s World.

A wonderful story about Luis Escobar and a wild coyote. When you get to the point where you’re tired of negative stories in the news, remember there are lots of really great people out there. (Here’s our interview with Luis.)

By paying modest fees, climbers, hikers, mountain bikers, and other recreationists would contribute revenues that could support the land agencies tasked with providing recreation opportunities on public lands. You need a fishing license to fish in public streams. Why not charge for a climbing permit to climb on public lands?

The Puffy Coat Makers at Patagonia Want You to Subsidize Their Rich Customers. Would you be willing to pay a use fee to run public trails?

This “workout clothes delivery service” will have supporters, but the MUT crows would probably drive them crazy with obscure gear requests.

Another opinion: Mindfulness no more effective than watching TV.

XC racing at its finest. and muddiest.

Whether it’s running or fishing, get those girls involved in outdoor sports! Sunny Schranz, 8.

Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Not sure how we’re supposed to celebrate, but I’m heading out on the trails with Sunny after school today and that seems about right. Then there’s 7yo Lillian from Texas who busted her arm on the monkey bars and is still training for a 5k with her friends.

Big week for data geeks. Ultrarunning Magazine’s latest print issue (you’re subscribed, right?) is chock full of ultramarathon results from 2017 and Gary Wang releases his numbers here. Quick thoughts:

  • Courtney came within one mile of beating the top male for 24 hours.
  • Jim’s 100k at Tarawera sits right there against times run at Mad City–a road course. 
  • I don’t recognize 75% of the names on the lists. You?

Here’s what Physical Therapists (like Kaci Lickteig) wish you’d do.

Sarah and I recorded a fun interview with Angela Shartel yesterday where we talked about her return to running after surgery, the pressures of being “at the top”, along with plenty of great advice and thoughts on hundred milers. Stay tuned.

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