Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Jan 11

Ultramarathon News – January 11, 2017

First, big happy birthday to my dad.  Though I’d run track before, it was on an adventure in San Diego when I was a kid that he and I went on our first official trail run. That experience changed my life and I’m forever grateful.  He and my mom are still running strong, traveling to marathons around the world and visiting local breweries along the way.  The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, did it?  Happy 68th!

My dad on the Marin trails last year.

Yes! Make 2017 the year of maximum enthusiasm!

Read this: Dakota Jones’ latest piece about reconciling the adventure vs the process of living an outdoor life.  Really great stuff to think about.

Wow! A 750 (paved) mile trail across New York state.  Who’ll be the first to establish an FKT?

No ultramarathon content: In a deft attempt to steal the mantle of idiocy from its southern neighbor, Oregon announces it has a 900 person waiting list for goat yoga.  From the article: “Basically, goat yoga is yoga except instead of with no goats, goat yoga has goats.”

You heard us talking about it in the recent episode, now check out Jamil’s latest Mountain Outhouse.  

Some pretty good outdoor survival hacks I hadn’t seen before.

Industry news: Adidas is gaining momentum in the outdoor space, but I’ve got a question about this statement: 

“Most brands in trail running are boot brands that are trying to make an athletic-esque shoe,” said Powell.

–What in the world is he talking about?  Salomon, New Balance, Asics, Altra, Hoka.  Which “boot brands” is he referring to? Maybe Merrell or North Face? Those hardly constitute “most” brands.

More industry news: Is it time for OR to leave Utah?

Bob Shebest’s report from the Bandera mishap.  Definitely give it a read.  Is anyone from USATF/USA ULTRARUNNING going to comment on the tweet that blamed Bob and Mario???

Did you see our latest review of rabbit apparel? You heard Sabrina talk about the company on this episode, so we got some gear and tested it out.

The LetsRun Genius Bar discusses whether “professional ultrarunner” is a possible career choice.

Here’s a video with one of my running heroes, Ed Whitlock.

Coach David: A beginner’s guide to foam rolling.  My favorite roller is right here…ouch!

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