Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Jan 13

Ultramarathon News:

Every runner, regardless of where they finish or whether it’s a marathon or an ultramarathon needs to read this “soapbox” from Liza.

Interesting: Here’s an Indiegogo campaign for an app that measures the level of your hydration bladder.

Roes looks back at the past four years of results and comes to some conclusions for the future of our sport.

This guy is a Chinese Forrest Gump running fool.

How to plan a running and racing year.  But Ian left out the most important aspect: What can I get into?

Some strength training ideas for runners.

Canyons Ultramarathon

Canyons Ultramarathon Contest!

You’ve heard me talk about The Canyons 100k.  The race covers the most difficult part of the Western States course and was won last year by Rob Krar and Magadelan Boulet.  If you didn’t get drawn for Western this year, here’s your chance to race the iconic canyons!  Share this post and reply below, and we’ll draw a name at the end of the month for a free entry.  Race is May 7th.  Good luck!

Hey BC’ers: Here’s a chance to watch a trail film, run some singletrack, and enjoy some good beer.

Jay hit his “A” goal at Bandera last weekend, and his description and analysis of the race is great.

Matt Gunn (from Ultra Adventures) is my favorite RD in the country. The dude is passionate and puts on incredible races in breathtaking places. Now he’s putting on a trailfest next fall. Can’t wait to hear more.

My resolutions to “run consistently, stay healthy, and really listen to my body” seem lame and elementary compared to these great thinkers’.

Here’s an inspirational video of a jewelry polisher in Mumbai who runs in his spare time.

Top six bizarre T&F events.  None of them bother me more than the thought of running clockwise on the track.  Don’t think I could do it.

The IAAF doping scandal is getting so much worse.  Those who were supposed to be keeping things clean were instead involved in a blatant weave of corruption.

Another chapter (though void of ultramarathon hijinx)  in the crazy life of Dusty Olson.

Though I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce his first name, Eoin Keith just won the hell out of UK’s toughest ultramarathon–The 268 mile Spine.

Without looking, who was third place overall at last year’s Western States.  It was this guy, and it’s high time I have him on the show again to catch up with what he’s learned in the past year.


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