Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 15

Treeline Journal: Mario Mendoza sets new treadmill 50k record.

UltraRunning Magazine: Get to know JFK champ Seth Ruhling. Anxious to see him at Lake Sonoma and Broken Arrow, but curious to know how he’ll do under pressure.

Industry chatter: Lauren Fleshman joins team Salomon.

The Times UK: Some Nike technology may be banned. I still haven’t seen a source mentioned, nor have I seen any mention of which shoes are being considered, so I’m taking all of this with a grain of salt. But what are we talking here? All carbon plates? Large stack heights? Just the Vapor Fly? So what if the rumors are true? The records will stand, but the shoe will be banned while World Athletics tried to figure out how to write a rule that prohibits technology? We’ll have shoe cops at races?
My guess is that this will not move forward and that the shoe will continue to be used and set records.

UK Daily Mail: Kipchoge responds to shoe drama.

John Kelly still leads The Spine, but UK’s Jayson Cavill is chasing him down and made up a lot of ground last night. Sabrina Vergee still leads the women with Brits holding the top six spots.

Gear Junkie: Rhonex Kipruto smashes the new 10k world record by 14 seconds, clicking off 4:15 pace.

TrailSisters: Seven important lessons for the injured runner. We’ve all been there.

Here’s how Ismael trained for and completed UTMB, making him the only Egyptian to have ever crossed the finish line.

Endurance Sportswire: And here’s all the data and metrics for the massive UTMB entry pool.

Let’s talk about UTMB and Western States, the two events that are each simultaneously described as “the Super Bowl” or “the biggest” or “the strongest field” of any trail ultramarathon in the world. I’m West Coast based, and if I asked 20 of my friends what was the most important race to win, I’d bet half would say Western States, while the other half would say UTMB.
And I’d guess that North Americans would overall skew towards The Big Dance, while most Europeans would skew towards the race in Chamonix. So what is the most important 100 miler to win? Which is most important on a running resume?

Blog on Running addresses something I’ve thankfully never had to deal with: Nipple chafing.

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