Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Jan 18

Read this: Aliza reflects on lessons and experience in this silly sport of ours.

Science: Muscle cramping, nausea, dehydration all unaffected by sodium intake during an ultramarathon.

Read this too: Excellent essay about the wilderness and our place in it. Written in response to US Forest Services’ request for essays celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Read it.

Magness sounds off on strength and conditioning coaches and their attitudes.

Another reason I prefer my own two feet to two wheels. That dude went flying!

Oh, here we go again: The new rules of hydration.

Think you’re tired after a 50 miler? Try one of these road races and tell me how you feel.

Here’s a great video of Clare and Amy’s run at HURT 100 this past weekend.  Amy finished last (with 8 minutes to spare!), and Clare got pulled for her first-ever DNF.  Looks like they had a great time on a beautiful course!

Scottish readers: Is hutting something that could turn into something like the huts in the Dolomites, where runners and trekkers stay in a different place each night, or are they for single families?

Science: Turns out running is good for your knees!

Join Jamil, Sage, and Tim as they run and walk through Hong Kong. Cool video!

Holy cow, then watch this awesome video of Kilian climbing, skiing, and talking in Norway.

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Jill reflects on an analogy between her current fitness and that of her old burned out Toyota Tercel.  Yes, yes. I know the feeling, Jill!  

Take it from this guy, when traveling, keep your important docs on you at all times.

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