Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 2

Interesting: Oskar Svendsen had the highest Vo2 max of anyone in the world (97.5!) and was on a stratospheric trajectory in the cycling world. Then he quit and walked away. What’s he up to now?

Across the Years leaderboard is right here. The beauty of track events: Live and accurate standings!

The definition and rules for “unassisted” just got even more stringent. Let’s hope these don’t bleed over into running FKTs.

More on FKTs: Here’s Anton’s report from his Long’s Peak Duathlon, which is in the running for the FKTOY award.

Sponsor changes and deals for 2019. (Most athlete sponsorships are two year deals that re-up on Jan 1, though there are plenty of exceptions.)

  • Kaci Lickteig: Altra–>HOKA
  • Hayden Hawks: HOKA–Altra
  • Coree Woltering: North Face
  • Bob Shebest: Hoka–>Salomon
  • Devon Yanko: Hoka–>? How in the world is one of the most versatile female MUT runners without a major sponsor???
  • Any other changes? (Feel free to email me if there were any quiet drops.)

Major kudos to RD Candice Burt for reducing the prices for her events. With a strong economy and interest at an all time high, she could easily increase the rates and no one would bat an eye.

I wrote about my first year without alcohol right here. Much like a race report, it was meant to get my thoughts down on paper for future reference or for someone else to use for their journey. Thanks to everyone who’s read it and reacted positively. It means a lot.

While we’re tabulating the math for the “seven most inspirational women of 2019” shirt with rabbit, Henry has his own list of the 20 most inspirational MUT runners of the year right here.

I sure hope you caught our latest episode with Ms Monday Jones. Yeah, a bit out of the normal wheelhouse, but how often do you get to hear a BDSM Dominatrix talk about the parallels with her lifestyle and ultra running?

That episode was sponsored by the Ancient Redwoods Running Festival. Want to spend a few days deep in the Northern CA redwoods running with friends and listening to music? Now’s your chance!

Something to think about: What you could accomplish if you put your phone down for a year.

And speaking of phones, be careful out there.

“When you know fatigue and appreciate fatigue, you want every time to do something more. And afterward, you feel satisfaction, because you feel some ability to acquire something new. Today, the young generation doesn’t have a taste for fatigue, because when we speak about the quality of life today, the translation is we want to cancel every idea of fatigue. We want to have machines working for us. That is the evolution.”

–Interesting discussion with Canova about how to improve and maximize the distance scene in the US.

US Skyrunning schedule for 2019.

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