Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 22

SCMP: Milk Li started running in 2017. She DNFed three hundred milers in 2018 and figured it was due to lack of training and direction. Then she took a blood test, noticed her low WBC count, and won all of her races in 2019. Now she’s ready for 2020.

Related: In this piece by Tracy Hoeg for iRunFar, she writes about how athletes can and should use lab tests to learn more about their fitness and bodies.

Guy from Brooklyn registers his beer as an emotional support animal.

SCMP: Mixing politics and sports is wrought with problems, especially in China.

Interviewing Ryan Haebe today, and though many of you may not be familiar with his name, I have a feeling you’ll remember it after you hear his story.

CTS: Nine coaches give their very best tips and advice.

Women’s Running: Exercise may reduce menstrual pain and cramps. The very…last…thing my wife would want to do is go work out.

I’m fully comfortable running in the dark, but if there’s even the slightest chance of a FREAKING IGUANA falling out of a tree on me, I’ll be inside, curled up on my couch reading.

The Hakusam Geotrail (video, and website) is a 7 day self supported stage race in Japan that looks pretty cool. Cultural pride, beautiful scenery, and 15k meters of positive height gain. Looks like a great race. NFI.

Yay science! New study shows relationship between caffeine consumption and increased pain tolerance.

Podium Runner: He makes an argument for why the half marathon gives the best pleasure to misery ratio. I’d say mine is the 30k…I have to push the entire time, I’m miserable for most of it, but always lucid at the end.

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