Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 24

“You run ultramarathons? Your knees must be destroyed! Running ruins your knees and gives you arthiritis, you know.” No, actually, it doesn’t.

Skimo tips from Rob Krar. Once Gear Editor Ben gets off the disabled list, he’s planning on writing an intro piece to skimo for us fair-weathered folks. Anxious to learn more!

Is social media pushing outdoor adventure athletes do to increasingly dangerous and stupid things? How has this shown itself in our sport?

Are you subscribed to URP? With FaceBook making it exceedingly difficult to reach fans and followers, stay up to date on news and interviews by subscribing! (And I’ll never sell or use addresses for any other reason, don’t worry.)

With technological advances and more gizmos on the market, our ability to quantify and track every single metric is getting easier every day. But is it a good thing?

Speaking of gizmos, any interest in sunglasses with a heads-up display and communication capabilities between athletes?

Another example of why I don’t consider USATF titles as very impressive.

The Independent covers the 9 best ultramarathon shoes. Did they get it right?

OK, now this is cool: OCR races for your pooch.

Here’s some extra life motivation to get you up and over Hump Day.

Looking forward to an interview tomorrow with a guest I’ve wanted to talk with for awhile. Twelve dollar Patrons know who it is and have the opportunity to submit questions.

Seems like it’s been awhile since a runner has found a dead body. Funnies right this way.

Here’s more on what makes 15year old Katelyn Tuohy’s indoor 5k so damn amazing.

Interesting article on high altitude psychosis that affects some climbers. Symptoms sound awfully familiar to hallucinatory episodes ultramarathon runners experience on particularly grueling races. Here’s a great example, as told by Nickademus (Hollon) DeLaRosa, of one such trip during Tor des Geants.

Here’s what the Continental Divide Trail looks like, filmed one second each day.

More on the Aussie cheater.

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