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Interesting comparison/analysis between Nao Kazami’s (WR) and Jim Walmsley’s (AR) 100k splits.
On that, I’m really hoping Jim gives it another go and inspires more MUT folks to go after road/track records and vice versa. It’s tough to get a traditional road runner excited about a 100 miler run at 10 minute pace, but when the conversation is around sub 6 minute mile pace for six damn hours, the chasm between our two disciplines is shortened.

Like right here! Road runner Rob Watson and trail god Gary Robbins mix it up and get to see how tough the other discipline can be!

Prep sports: The greater Sacramento area hosted its first prep XC meet in ten months! While these sports should never have been cancelled in the first place, I’m happy to see it going on…just bummed I missed it.

“I didn’t want to tell people all of this because it would look like I was weak and I didn’t want my opposition to know. I just dealt with it.”

Good story about UK track athlete and gold medalist Kelly Holmes and her rollercoaster ride of depression and self harm.

On the heels of TrailRunning Magazine’s recent sale, iRunFar announcing it’s joined a larger media group, and now ultrasignup being sold to an investor’s group in Tennessee, there’s a lot going on in the sport. I think it’ll take some time to see any changes, and expect a mix of positive changes and probably some shuffling of the deck when it comes to influence and importance.
In the past, whenever anyone spoke about money in the sport, it was generally focused on money corrupting athletes and the discussion generally went with one of the two narratives: One, that prize money would cause rampant PED use and we’d have juiced up cyborgs running ultramarathons. The other was that money would take the “grassroots” vibe away from the sport and make it more glossy and commercial. There’s plenty of time and opportunity to make sure that these changes are commercially viable and financially advantageous for all involved, but dang, I hope they don’t change the feel of the sport much more. This past year or two has been rough.

While we’re talking about changes, I’ve noticed that brands have tightened up access to athletes recently. Back in the day (geez, that sounds old), I’d reach out to and ask to be connected to an athlete for an interview and it was easy. Now there are hoops to jump through, a lot more gatekeeping, and I recently had a request for a contract. WTF. Any other podcasters/media folks seeing this change?

How about one more change? I’ve noticed a lot more athletes tagging “paid partnership” on their social media postings. Not sure what prompted it, but I appreciate the transparency. It’s also the law.

Great story and film about Afghani women secretly training for and running a marathon in their home country. Only quibble I’ve got…that’s actually a trail marathon! πŸ™‚

With schedules awry, the World Marathon Majors now has the six big events in a short, six week window. Add in the Olympics, and the stage is set for Mike Wardian to do his thang.

August 7th and 8th: Olympics
Sept 26: Berlin
Oct 3: London
Oct 10: Chicago
Oct 11: Boston
Oct 17: Tokyo
Nov 7: NYC

The Earbud Collective curates a different podcast theme each week, and this week the focus was on Women Who Run. I was excited to see our interview with Courtney Dauwalter after she went blind at Run Rabbit Run as an example. Check out more here.

Fastrunning/Robbie Britton: Are ultramarathon runners just mentally tougher?

Two interviews lined up for this week: One, a HOKA athlete who finished top three at the 100k. The other, a quick 50k runner slash sports marketing guru.

I’ve heard from a few North Face athletes and insiders that the new carbon-plate-equipped Flight Vectiv is the first TNF show that they’re not disappointed in or embarrassed to wear. (I happen to disagree and have been happy with a few pairs over the years.)
Here’s an in-depth review from elite runner Brett Hornig who calls it trail running’s first super shoe that he expects to see used at UTMB. Our very own gear guru Ben Zuehlsdorf has been playing with a pair for a few weeks and seems every bit as enthusiastic. You’ll hear from him soon.

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