Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Jan 27

Ultramarathon News from Around the World:

This author attempts to identify the “real” reason we run ultramarathons, and it has little to do with physical fitness.  For the most part, I agree. You?

This site investigates claims of marathon cheaters. Boy, am I glad the ultramarathon world hasn’t come to this yet.

…so let’s get to the root problem: What causes some runners to cheat?

I recorded an interview yesterday with Avery Collins where we talked about HURT, his crazy story from Fat Dog 120, and the role of cannabis in ultramarathons. Stay tuned!

While not a direct response to Jared Hazen’s buckle on eBay, Jenny offers her opinions on the meaning of buckles.

Here’s Youa Buchana, the first female Hmong ultrarunner.

Though the review is from 2014, this tech watch is a vital piece of gear for the discerning ultramarathoner out there.

Although I’ve still never listened to a podcast, I should probably check this one out: It’s about balancing high-level training with work/school, and fatherhood.

The potential for a 70 mile loop around Pike’s Peak sounds pretty. Freaking. Awesome.  Sounds like it’ll get done soon!

Who’s my favorite non-American runner? Japanese marathoner Yuki Kawauchi by a long shot.  Here’s part of his insane racing calendar for 2016.  Not many guys can make Mike Wardian’s results look lazy…Kawauchi-San can.

As someone who goes through dozens of sites a day looking for URP Daily News material, this is a very real problem that the next President should have to deal with.

Twenty seven base layers for any budget. I’m loving that striped half zip from Bergans and the Patagonia Merino Air. Gotta get my hands on both of those!

Personal update: First session of ART and Graston yesterday. ART hurt like hell, Graston was an entirely different pain. Both manageable, but yikes, I feel like I’ve been kicked by a donkey!

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